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Reusable Badges

Selfit® Badges: Reusable, professional looking badges that are scratch-resistant and long-lasting. Printed inserts slide in and out easily using the thumb-notch feature on the back of the badge. Use our Selfit® Software to print inserts on-site and create quality badges quickly and easily.

Polar® Badges: This reusable solution creates a prestigious look with a metallic finish. Easily slide printed insert behind the flexible, scratch resistant shield.

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Permanent Badges

DigiLine Badges: Top-quality, eye-catching badges available in small quantities. This full-color, digitally printed badge includes a high-gloss resin finish that adds a touch of class.

Xpress Badges: These high-quality, double-sided, laminated badges have many custom options available such as printing maps and QR codes - perfect for your next event or conference.

Event Badges: Top quality event badges that are highly customizable and ideal for name badges or specific events. With single or dual-sided printing, your badges can display a name on one side, and the conference schedule on the other.